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Ghost Shift art jewellery is hand crafted from polymer clay in the East Midlands region of the UK. Sometimes I combine  the polymer with silver, copper, glass, wood… anything that suits the piece I am making.  No two items are ever identical. When I began to create jewellery in polymer clay I worked only in the moonlight hours … the “Ghost Shift”, but with its colour blends and textures, I think my jewellery celebrates both shadow and daylight.

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About Sue

SueI think I picked up my first pack of polymer clay in 2006. I had recently given up a demanding job, to spend more time caring for my daughter, who has a learning disability. She had attended a wonderful special school, but now she was grown up. Suddenly everything had changed, and we were struggling to cope. The polymer clay was supposed to be my relaxation therapy, but it soon became an addiction. Eventually, I had to sell some pieces to feed my habit.  Someone saw those first pieces and asked if they could sell some more  for me, and gradually interest spread. I’m still in addicted to polymer clay, and my daughter loves to help me. At craft fairs, she always chats to potential customers and other stallholders, but her favourite pastime is spending my hard earned money on cake!

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About My Little Ghost

My Little GhostGhost Shift Logo
My daughter inspired the name “Ghost Shift” and a favourite photo of my daughter became the little ghost who watches over me from the header of this site. She is not always easy to spot, but she is usually hovering around somewhere.

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