May 202012

Ghost Shift LogoOK, I know this blog is supposed to be for news, but I thought I would start with a bit of history… Once upon a time, when I was  thinking of selling my polymer clay jewellery, I decided I needed a business name.  I usually found myself working with the polymer late at night, so I convinced myself the name  should have something to do with moonlight. I came up with a number of variations on that theme, each more dreadful than the last. My husband tried to shake me from the idea, but I was determined. I like moonlight. It is beautiful. It makes things look mysterious and otherworldly and ghostly.

While I was thinking these thoughts, I became aware that my daughter had put on a DVD. She was watching the box set of Dr Who series 2 that we were beginning to regret buying her for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Dr Who fan, but my girl can be obsessive, and she  likes nothing better than a heartbreaking tragedy, preferably combined with a big explosion or two. She was stuck in a loop, watching the tear-jerking finale (where Rose ‘dies’) for what seemed like the thousandth time. Surely this couldn’t be good for her? I had better keep an eye on the situation … I just had to sit down and watch it with her!

It was then that I heard the phrase “Going into ghost shift!”

My Little Ghost

In Dr Who, the ‘ghost shift’ wasn’t just a quiet time at work … the dead hour. It was the point when powerful and mysterious forces found their way into this world from another universe. If Dr Who could  get monsters like Cybermen and Daleks, maybe the other universe could spare me a bit of creative inspiration from time to time?

“What about the name Ghost Shift?” I said to my husband. “That sounds OK,” he said.

So I became Ghost Shift, and my daughter became my little ghost.

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