May 152013

Come along and see us at Long Eaton Art Room over the Bank Holiday weekend. It promises to be a good event, with some really interesting artists and crafts people. You can find out more from the Facebook page

Open Studios at Long Eaton Art Room

Jul 282012

Wave brooch made from scrap clayThe first big polymer teaching event I ever attended was Polymer Play Days UK 2009.  Six internationally renowned tutors gave us three wonderful days of workshops. What is more, it was held at Ilkeston Derbyshire, only a few miles from my door. Pure heaven!

One tutorial that fascinated me was given by Daniel Torres Mancera. It was full of different ways of using those little scraps of coloured clay that accumulate at the end of any project. In Dani’s hands they were transformed into things of beauty. I have started to experiment with some of those techniques again recently.

Radiolarian bangle by Daniel Torres

Radiolarian bangle by Daniel Torres

Meanwhile, Dani has moved on. At Polymer Play Days last year he stunned us all with a demonstration of how he makes his super hollow, super thin ‘radiolarian’ bracelets and beads.

Jul 212012

In the past,  I never tried to promote my work. Sometimes a piece of my jewellery has featured in a blog I follow, and it has always been a delightful surprise. I have walked about with a big grin on my face all day. At the same, a part of me has been deeply embarassed, and just wanted to hide under the table.

Well, I have been told, in no uncertain terms, there is no room for that sort of attitude … I MUST DO BETTER! So here I am, blowing my own trumpet.  Below are links some of the blogs that have featured my jewellery. Now please excuse me while I get under that table

Leaf Pendant featured on Polymer Clay Daily

Polymer Clay Daily

Brooch and pendant featured on Polymer Clay Daily

Polymer Clay Daily

Lindley Haunani Necklace

Lindley Haunani

Polymeri Online

Jun 122012

My daughter in red, white, blue .. and pinkSometimes I don’t look forward to big national events. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really fond of my country. I just can’t cope with red white and blue EVERYWHERE. Surely it’s all a bit much?

So what happened over the Diamond Jubilee? I was determined not to give in and make themed jewellery. Then my daughter had to go to a jubilee party.  She had a white T shirt, but nothing red or blue to wear, so we tipped out the bead box and strung some random beads together. It actually looked OK – even with a pink jacket. In fact I decided to make myself one, and was quite disappointed to find I didn’t have enough beads.

After that, the spirit of the occasion just seemed to take over.  The colours just helped to lift our spirits. They looked brave in the pouring rain and festive in the sunshine. What other colour scheme could have worked so well in the picture below?

Black Swan, Helmsley. Red white and blue.

Jun 012012

Ghost Shift Polymer Jewellery at Studio 61I set up my display of Ghost Shift polymer jewellery at Studio 61 yesterday. I was quite pleased with it, until I looked at the pictures I took on my phone. Now I can see loads of things I could have tidied up, or done differently. Oh well … some of my favourite pieces are there.  If they haven’t sold at the end of the exhibition I may not be too disappointed. That’s no way to run a business, but it’s really hard to say goodbye to my babies!Studio 61 House Portrait

I like browsing round Studio 61. There are interesting bits and pieces everywhere. Lots of variety, but somehow the place has a personality of it’s own.

I’m particularly fond of Karina’s quirky, dream-like house portraits, like the one on the right. I wonder how she would cope with the challenge of making our place look that good? Maybe our kids will buy us one as an anniversary present one day, and we’ll find out. Are you reading this kids?


May 282012
Lichfield Polymer Clay Day

Jo and Angela at Lichfield Polymer Clay Day

British Polymer Clay Guild held their first West Midlands informal polymer play session this Sunday. Everyone brought something of their own to work on, and we chatted and swapped ideas. Our meeting room was in a nice little cafe close to Lichfield town centre. Therein lay my downfall…. those cakes were just too tempting ..!

It was a delightful way of escaping the hot midday sun for an hour or two, and very inspiring to see what other people were doing. We even had some of the other customers come in to ask our advice about working with clay.

Penny Vingoe of Clayaround also came along, and there was an opportunity to buy some more supplies of Pardo Professional Art Clay.

These events will be monthly and should prove popular. It is an hours drive for me, but I shall try to get to the next one, if I can.

More details are available from the British Polymer Clay Guild website or their Facebook page.